This Residential Villa for a modern Indian Family is located in Ahmedabad. It has been designed by a local architecture office and came to mgp for the interior design, the landscape and the touch up of the overall appearance of the house. The superstructure has been designed in all regards to Vaastu Shastra and almost completely in R.C.C. .

With minor changes in the superstructure to adjust the proportions of its spaces, we are aiming to create a modern house with minimalist clean features and in respect of its local context maximizing the use of vernacular materials.

The introduction of greenery and a play of natural stones and oxide finishes explores the diversity of the individual spaces. The north-south orientation invites a humbled performance of light and shadow throughout all rooms. Sustainable features attempt to counter balance the excessive use of RCC.

The house is now in it’s final stage of completion.

Images will follow soon…



Here some picture showing the first changes happening throughout the house, such as extension of the terrace, adjustments of the openings to align the elevation, preparation work of the green terraces, flooring etc. …

… and our first oxide flooring test-run and a few of the selected materials.


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