1282836819-10-escada copy

Low-Cost Residence in Kuilapalayam





Sub-Ration shop and Post office in Moratandi Village




TLC School TLC_Image 3_18-07-2014– Campus Development in Auroville





ModelPrivate Residence in the Forest, Pondicherry




Interior Design for Residential VillaVISUAL003 in Ahmedabad




House extensionModel for an Aurovillian Family in Evergreen, Auroville





SkateparkSection in Pondicherry (for INTACH Pondicherry)


SECTIONHouse for a Tamil family in Edayan Chavadi




Masterplan for a Marketplace in Ghazipur (in collaboration with Anita Gaur)




02 300dpi

Bharathi Homes – Apartmentblock in Chennai (with IMAGO)




01A 300dpi Bharathi Homes – Apartmentblock in Coimbatore (with IMAGO)




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