Satellite Image of the location (copyright Google Maps)

In 2009 the family Gransitzki decided to go solar.

Providing two sloped roofs facing south west, we found ourselfs with an ideal scenario for two connected photovoltaic systems.

The idea was to go green by reducing the families carbon footprint and be independent from the local power supplier and the constant price increase.

The family can now live off the produced energy and feed the exceeding energy into the states power grid and make use of the governmental subsidies.  Further changes to reduce the carbon footprint are an electrical heating system using the power produced by the PV system, all outside lights are LED lights controlled by motion sensors and all  inside lights are fitted with CFL lights.

The photovoltaic system (9.36kW/h peak) produces combined approx.  9.500 kW/h per year. Out of these approx. 3.500 kW will be used by the family itself, allowing 6.000 kW to be feed into the grid and refinance the entire system over 7.5 years.

Consultant:                       FFO Solar

Electrition:                         Elektro Sandner

Solar panels:                    ALEO S_17 180 Wp  (52 panels)

Inverter:                              SMA SunnyBoy 5000 TL-20


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