Michael Gransitzki     Principal Architect

Michael was born in Germany, where he interned with a local architecture firm already at the age of 14. He majored in Math and Art in high school  and later graduated B.Sc. in Architecture from the Technical University Berlin. Already during his studies he worked as a consultant for various firms in India and Germany.

Making India his new home, he has worked with renowned firms like Venkataramanan Associates in Bangalore  and FHD Group in Hyderabad.



Sindhuja Jagadeesh     Partner

Sindhuja graduated as an architect in 2008 and worked first under the guidance of Andre Hababou in Auromodele Atelier Architects, where she became partner in 2009.

In 2011, she was co-founder of Creation Architecture Studio, where she designed and built a variety of projects in and around Auroville.

She is a partner of mgp and additionally manages Imago, an architecture and design unit in Auroville with a social aim.


Rene Schmidt     Partner

Rene Schmidt is managing the artwork and design segment and is based in Germany. He graduated in 2004 as office administration                     manager for industries in Berlin. In 2003 he started Wandbekannt.de with Michael and is a partner of mgp.

His responsibilities includes business development for commissioned artwork and directing the design work in Germany.





Previous Team Members:

Mohammed Umar (Architect), Namitha Krishnan (Intern), Priyanka Pei (Intern), Jerry Athia (Intern)






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