mgp aims to provides cost effective design solutions and climatically appropriate, sustainable building solutions. We promote the fusion of vernacular building techniques, local materials and smart system solutions with contemporary design.

mgp was founded in Germany in 2011 by Michael Gransitzki with the idea to create a network of sophisticated architects and designers.


The studio is based in Berlin, Germany, but closely collaborates with DUSTUDIO and IMAGO in Auroville, India on residential as well as commercial projects.

mgp and DUSTUDIO shares an aspiration to create spaces through the synthesis of material and climatically appropriate design of the rich traditions of India and contemporary aesthetics. This sharing of knowledge, ideas and creativity explores building techniques and alternative solutions to architectural related problems.

mgp and IMAGO have started to collaborate on community projects, as both offices share a great believe in architecture’s social responsibility. Further are they collaborating on architectural and product design projects.

These collaborations form a diverse team of architects, designers, engineers and artists from across the globe developing sensible architecture and designs. Being surrounded by the diversity of cultures inside and around our daily lives, mixed with sustainable approach towards architecture and the zeitgeist of today, we are growing as individuals and as a team.


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