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Temple Adventures

The signal is given by our dive leader to start going down. One by one, we ‘Ok the line’ and start descending towards Temple. The visibility is a clear 15m+, with the divers veering off the line at the first sight of the buoys hovering over the reef. I had some slight trouble equalising and was more than happy to pull myself down the line. As I prepared to overtake the buoy, entangled in the descent line, I saw something wiggling out of the corner of my eye. There was a small blue fish, trying to break free from a net. Fishing out my knife I swiftly, yet carefully cut away the net and let the poor fellow go free.

-Images from a fish rescue by Jonah at Danny’s Eel Garden

This is something we witness once every 2-3 dives, where the horrors of modern day fishing do not stop…

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