set of working drawings
set of working drawings

A set of working drawings, ready for the site…

How beautiful can printed plans look? Not only that neat plans are loaded with a graceful aesthetic appeal, they also represent our approach towards design. They are the language spoken to transform a vision into manifested reality. They are the mirror of our own aesthetic values. They are in a way the link between “venustas” and “utilitas” (and ideally result in “firmitas”).
It makes us feel good to have created something. The creation comes to life in form of matter the first time when it is printed, when it becomes hardware, and when it leaves the virtual space of a cad-file and can actually be touched. And when it comes to working drawings it also represents the end of an era. The end of nights and days, weeks of design process, revisions and changes and options. They are the result of a long, sometime tedious, sometimes enlightening process of decision making. I can’t help it but to feel that it has a romantic notion in it…


2 thoughts on “The beauty of printed plans

  1. Drawings are still a means to an end, a simple or sophisticated tool, and must provide clear communication to a very wide variety of readers! The building is the goal.

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